Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tips for weddings

I haven't been to many weddings in my life, only one to be honest. But the first time I was invited to a wedding for four years ago I was really excited. I had so many thoughts in my head. How would it be like? Will it be like how I expected it to be? The whole thing turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. It was filled with so much happiness and everyone was beautifully dressed. The wedding dress to the bride was so beautiful and very unique. I remembered when I was going to attend the wedding. It was really hectic. I was going right after school and had to bring with me my baggage to school. I had to take the train to the airport and take a plane to London.

It was a moment to remember, and I had to change into three different dresses during the wedding. It was a great occasion for me to wear dresses, since I really love dresses. I have to say that there are so many beautiful wedding dresses with so many great designs and styles. I have no idea what kind of style I am going to wear during my wedding, but fortunately it's a long time until my wedding. I think I will most likely have a vintage inspired wedding dress, because I love the dresses from that era. But who knows? I might change my mind when the time comes. I have added some wedding dresses on this post which might be a great inspiration for you, or for those of you who are planning on getting married. It's from a collection of wedding dresses, which is called cheap wedding of weddingshe
If you are interested you should have a look on the store, which sell a lot of great things for weddings when it comes to shoes, accessories, dresses and much more. They have a great variation and the prices are really cheap, so it is worth to have a look!
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  1. I have only been to one wedding my entire life too! These dresses are absolutely stunning, and I agree with you - I'll probably end up wearing a vintage dressing too since I love that style!


  2. such gorgeous fabulous dresses
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  3. Všetky tri sú veľmi krásne, ale vybrali by som si tie v strede. :)


  4. The first dress is stunning!


  5. so nice pics= ] ]

    i invite to me too


  6. Amamzing!


  7. I have been to many wedding party and so many people wear dresses, the bride also wears beautiful dresses.

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  8. Lovely post!
    Great options! The first one is my favorite!
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