Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Prom dress inspiration


Yesterday, I looked at some old photos of me from different prom events from High School Jr. and I have to say that I have still have the prom dress which I was wearing on that day in my closet even though it's many years ago. The photos really bring back so many memories, and everyone was wearing beautiful prom dresses. I talked to my friends the other day about them, and we had so much to discuss. I truely miss that time. It was one of the best times of my life.

I really love prom events like these ones, because then you have something to look back and it's a memory for a lifetime. I think I might be going to a prom event really soon, and I really need Your help with finding a great prom dress. If you are going to a prom event too, then this might be a great inspiration for you. I have chosen some dresses I really love, but I have difficulty to choose which dress I am going for since they are so beautiful. I found these prom dresses at promtimes.co.uk and they have some of my favorite prom dresses when it comes to colours and especially their styles. Beautiful and unique in their own way.

The prom dresses I have picked are all in the category prom dresses 2015 , so if you are looking for a prom dress I recommend you to have a look on these prom dresses, because you will definitely find something you like. What I like about them is that:
The first dress is simple but it really stands out. I really love the rhinestone details and the colour is really beautiful
The second dress is really cute, and I really love the details and the colour of the dress. It's pefect for prom.
The Third dress has a really beautiful mint colour which stands out. It would be great to combinate it with silver accessories.

Which prom dress do you want me to choose?


  1. Lovely dresses, especially the first one!


  2. I love these dresses A lot , they are way different than the prom dresses girls use to wear.
    These are much more elegant

  3. gorgeous dresses, loved the first one
    Keep in touch