Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridesmaid dresses

I am a person, who always get work done during the night. It's when I get most inspired to do homework and writing. Sometime I get the strange feeling that I want to tidy my whole bedroom during the night, and that happened yesterday. Since it's finally spring I started to replace my winter clothes with spring and summer clothes. I never knew until yesterday that I had so many dresses in my room and most of them are in light colours! I have also found dresses I had never been wearing before which I never knew I had. I will definitely style them in my upcoming outfits. I also found dresses that I have been wearing only a few times. The reason I have so many dresses in my closet is because I simply love dresses, and I am planning on expanding my collection. I also found some photos from the first wedding I attended, and I had to say that the bridesmaid dresses were really beautiful. I hope I can attend a wedding really soon. If you are going to be a bridesmaid for a wedding I recomment to visit dresswe for inspiration. Right now they have a cheap bridemaid dresses at promotion which you can find on this link: and they have also a great collection of mother of the bride dresses in which you can find on this 
link: . I posted some of the bridemaid dresses which I really liked. Hope you got inspired or maybe if you were lucky you also found a dress that you liked!



  1. Wauw, beautiful dresses!!


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  3. Hello from Spain: great dresses. Keep in touch

  4. woow...very nice dress :)

  5. so pretty ones. I love these. Already following u dear.
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  6. such beautiful dresses
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  7. Nice dresses!

  8. Such elegant and charming dresses, love it! ;) xo

  9. Imagine if you create a design with the colors Green Bridesmaid Dresses will probably look good :)