Friday, February 27, 2015

Beautiful dresses for events and occassions

The days are getting brighter, and it makes me looking forward to spring and summer much more.
Lately, I have been looking through all kinds of dresses on different online shops. I get inspired all the time when I see all the beautiful textures and designs. I have been looking through summer dresses, but I truely love prom dresses. They are so beautiful to look at and I wish there could be more events and opportunities to wear them.

If I had the opportunity I would love to wear prom dresses every day. It makes you feel like you have stepped into a Disney movie. Among the sites I have visited today is this link:
Which has really great Elegant Prom Dresses and Cheap Elegant Prom Dresses.
There had many great dresses, and some of them sparkled my interest, so I posted them in this blog post. In the summer I have been planning on having a great photoshoot with great prom dresses with beautiful landscapes since I didn't have time last summer.

If you are interested in having a more look at similar dresses like these ones I recommend you to visit They have dresses in all kinds of categories like evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses. But they don't only sell clothes. They also sell great shoes and accessories. 


  1. Beautiful dresses♥ Love them all!!

  2. The second one is absolutely stunning, such pretty colors!

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  3. The dresses are really beautiful.


  4. great selection, those dresses are beautiful!

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  5. dresses are just gorgeous
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  6. These dresses are really amazing!
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  7. Omg! The first dress stands out! I love it :)

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  8. wow this brings back so many prom memories... only I wish my dress had been this pretty. Instead I chose a black maxi dress from Topshop so I could wear it again:)

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