Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beautiful dresses

First, I have to say thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous blog entry. It's great to know that you like the outfit. My weekend has been really calm you could say. Yesterday, I went shopping, and all I could find was a simple t-shirt, but nothing else. Otherwise I have continued writing the novel, swimming, revising for exams and decorating my room. I will take photos of the room when it's sunny, because then it looks really great. Anyways, it has been snowing so much and it's dark all the time which make me miss summer and spring even more. I really love beautiful dresses, and wearing dresses during summer is the best thing. Here I have posted some dresses I really like!

 I really have a thing for pink dresses, and this dress is really beautiful!

I really love the colour of this dress. I definitely need more dresses with this colour. The lace of the bottom of this dress is really great as well. The diamond details of this dress is really beautiful

 The colour of this dress is really great. I really love the diamond details of this dress.

You can find all the dresses from promtimes, they have great great variation of prom dresses, evening dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Currently they're having a great sale up to 75% off!

 If you could choose a dress, which colour would it be?



  1. I love the dresses.


  2. Wonderful dresses, I'm in love with the blue dress!

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    Shopping Girls

  3. Hello from Spain: fabulous dresses. I like your proposals. Keep in touch

  4. Mint dress is my favorite ♥

  5. Everything is looove ♥

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    The Girl Behind the Pen

  6. the pink dress is super gorgeous
    keep in touch

  7. Nice post! Check out my fave of today!

  8. love the pink dress! Let's follow each other on GFC and G+? :)