Saturday, December 13, 2014

Prom dresses

If you have read my blog since the very beginning, then you have probably noticed my love for dresses. I think every outfit I posted on my blog was me wearing a dress. It wasn’t until these past few months I have started posting outfits which were more casual. I love all kinds of dresses in different colours and textures, but I have to say that I love prom dresses the most. I own a few prom dresses, but the thing is that you can only use them in special occasions. I wish I could use them more often, than just hang them in my closet and admire them. 

But since Christmas and the New Year are around the corner it’s a great opportunity to use them, which is a great thing. I remember when I was in High School Jr. and High School (it feels so long time ago) our school often arrange Christmas prom ball and New Year prom ball.Recently, I have been looking for a prom dress I can wear since I might be invited to a New Year prom ball. My plan is to wear one of the prom dresses in my closet, but I want to try a prom dress with other colours for a great change.

 I have been into light coloured prom dresses recently, and I have to say that I like the mint prom dress and the light purple promdress the most. I also love the diamond details. But the other prom dresses are beautiful as well.The photos are a great guide for you if you are looking for a prom dress for a special occasion, and need some ideas for which colours you can go for.

 If you are wondering where the prom dresses are from it’s an online shop called They have so many great prom dresses in different colours. I have been dreaming myself away when looking at the dresses. For some reasons it reminds me of Disney movies like Cinderella. Right now is having up to 75% off when It comes to prom dresses, so if you are looking for a prom dress or just interested you should take a look. I have considered buying one of the dresses since I liked it a lot. 

Anyways, I hope you are having a great weekend!



  1. The third one is my favorite but they are all so beautiful!


  2. All those dresses are so beautiful!!♥ I love especially the first one

  3. Lovely dresses

  4. They are stunning x

  5. I love the first pink dress.


  6. They do have a great collection!! I did a review too! :)

  7. I love second dress,but by body...