Sunday, November 9, 2014


What I love the most about every season is to see the different fashion trends, and which colours are hype at the moment. I'm not a person who follows all the fashion trends for every season, but when I see something which I find interesting, unique and appealing to me, I try to incorporate it in my style. This autumn I have noticed that knee high boots have been very popular. I have seen a lot of fashion bloggers have incorporated them in their outfits, and a lot of fashion magazines have also had and eye on this trend. I also think that this trend will be popular throughout the winter season as well. I have to say that I personally like this trend. 

I especially like wearing dresses or poncho with high knee boots. They kind of make an outfit interesting and create an edgier look. But the best thing is that they keep you warm during the autumn season. Here where I live it's snowing a lot during the winter season, so I think they will be perfect on cold winter days when I have to walk through a lot of snow. I personally prefer black knee high boots with jeans in winter season, but it's also interesting to try out different colours and styles for example orange leather knee high boots , but for warmer days during autumn I'm going to try out grey knee high boots with a dress. But I also think poncho and coats with interesting styles will go well with this trend. If you are interesting in finding great knee high boots with great colours and styles then click here , and if you are interested in the shoes in the photos then go here.

What do you think about the knee high boots trend?



  1. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Fabulous boots. Keep in touch

  2. They are nice!


  3. wow, all these boots are fabulous first one are my fav

  4. Thank you for visit and comment! ♥ I follow your blog too :))
    Great post! I like first ! *_*
    Kisses: *

  5. Yummm to U all... Can't wait to see you in Heaven...

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