Sunday, November 9, 2014


As you probably have noticed through my years of blogging I really love romantic and princess-esque dresses. When I started my blog I have always wanted to post beautiful photoshoots which were inspired by Jane Austen novels, Disney Movies and fairy tales. So when my readers visit my blog it's like a portal to another world. I have always been drawn by idyllic places, maybe it's because I grew up in a place with beautiful nature. I have always wanted to post outfits which were vintage inspired, because it's my style. Lately, I have been looking through beautiful prom dresses and evening dresses in different websites, one of them being: avivadress . I like both long prom dresses and short prom dresses with beautiful colours, glitters and interesting styles.

Currently, I am looking for a great pink prom dress and a dark blue prom dress since I don't have so many prom dresses with these colours. Christmas is around the corner and that means I have to find a great dress to wear. This year I'm thinking about wearing a dark blue dress or dark Purple dress for Christmas and incorporate with golden details. 
I wish I could go outside and take a lot of beautiful and dreamy photos with romantic dresses in idyllic landscapes. Since I have so many ideas to different photoshoots and for me as an artist I always get a great feeling when my ideas come to life. I remember especially once my friend and I had planned a romantic photoshoot, and had found the perfect place to take photos. We walked outside in rain with dresses, and people who passed by asked if it was for an art project.

I guess most of you have seen Taylor Swift's musicvideo for Love Story. I have always wanted to find a similar place to have photoshoot in morning sunshine with a romantic hairstyle and dress. But my ideas will have to wait until spring and summertime when the weather is getting warmer, now it's getting colder, and it's always raining and there are almost no sunny days. It also gets dark really fast. That means I have to take photos indoors, which doesn't give the best lighting and quality to the photos.   


  1. I like the first blue dress.

  2. the dress is gorgeous , i loved the color
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