Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Costume wigs

What I love the most is to dress up in different characters, and since I was little I have always looked forward to costume days in the kindergarten, since then I had a opportunity to dress up into a character. I remember I dressed up like a clown, witch and other Disney characters. When I grew up I still loved dressing up in Disney characters. I think you never get old for Disney. But in a certain point I discovered lolita and cosplay fashion. I really love lolita dresses and cosplay costume. I often go to wigsbuy to find cosplay wigs, but also lolita wigs. They have so many cute lolita wigs, and when I see new ones I want to add them to my collection. The best thing is that this store has many quality costume wigs for sale, but they also sell other cheap quality costume wigs, which is perfect if you're looking for Halloween costume wigs, since Halloween is actually around the corner. 

Do you like lolita fashion?



  1. Those wigs are so beautiful! :3 I like lolita fashion, but it's a bit pricy and hard to come by here in my country... So I usualy just mix some of loli details into my looks ^^

  2. Omg those are so cute i would never wear something like it do but it's pretty to see!! Love the pastels <3

    X Nora /

  3. Hello from Spain: great wigs. Keep in touch

  4. such beautiful wigs, super fun colors
    keep in touch

  5. I love fashion lolita, and the anime cosplay, that wigs are beautiful!

  6. Aww these are so cute, I would love to try on! ;)