Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas gift tips

Black Biker Jacket: Here //Black Jacket: Here


Brown bag: Here // Scarf: Here


Ankle Boots: Here // Blazer: Here

It's soon Christmas, and the city is filled with people, shopping for Christmas gifts. We also have a Christmas market in the middle of the city which sells all kind of Christmas stuff. Our house is completely decorated with Christmas decorations. When I was little I wrote a Christmas play every Christmas, I and my cousins would preform it for our families. I thought it would turn out awkwardly, but despite the little time we practiced it turned out really great. I still have that on tape, and since we were only three we managed to find a way to change roles.

My friends and I always give Chritmas gifts to each other, and I have to say it's sometimes difficult to find a gift which is perfect for a person. I love art, and when people give me gifts which they have used a lot of time and creativity to put together I always get happy. It's the message behind the gift which means something .

But for you who have little time and want some ideas and tips for Christmas gifts here it comes.
When I shop for Christmas gifts I always think about a gift which gives a great representation of this person, something which you can use a lot or something this person has wanted for a long time. Watches are very practical, and are perfect for both men and women. For example: ladies lipsy-rose-gold-bracelet watch    
Another tips is dresses which you can wear in any occasion. For example: Dresshop and okdress
Above I have added a couple of photos of different clothings and things which can be some ideas for Christmas gifts. But there're plenty of other things like hair accessories, make up, electronic devices etc.



  1. Fantastic piks, loved the leather jacket
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  2. Nice wishlist!


  3. Lovely picks! I am loving that scarf, I might have to treat myself...


  4. such lovely pieces!

  5. I would love any of these as gifts, but the bag and biker jacket are just perfect...actually, I got a similar bag for my boyfriend for Christmas...hopefully I can borrow it!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  6. I am so in love with that bag. Great picks.