Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The History of the Polo Shirt

It's been a while since I've been updating, but it's finally summer weather in Norway. So when I was shopping the other day I was thinking about the blog, and I found out that I haven't written anything about boys fashion! But one of the things I would love to wear if I were a boy would be Lacoste Polo.  So one of my summer tips for boys is to invest a Lacoste Polo, because it never goes out of style and it's stylish at the same time. I expect many of my readers are girls, so if you have a boyfriend or a friend, Lacoste Polo is a great birthday gift!

The polo shirt is such an omnipresent item of clothing in contemporary society that we often forget that it started out as a brilliant revolution in sportswear. Now an item of clothing that is seen everywhere – from smart casual days in the office to long summer days on the beach – the polo shirt has become one of the most versatile and stylish clothing options on the market.

The origins of the polo shirt can be traced back to the late 19th century, when tennis players were forced to wear uncomfortable, long, button-up shirts. Though they would probably be considered blazers by today’s standards!

After many complaints from players, the seven-times Grand Slam champion, René Lacoste, designed a new high quality, breathable and lightweight shirt for the players to wear. Lacoste first showcased his new creation at the 1926 US Open Championship, and the Lacoste polo shirt was born.

Lacoste soon retired from professional participation in the sport, and went into partnership with internationally renowned clothing manufacturer André Gillier. This partnership was the beginning of a period of great expansion for the Lacoste clothing range, and the duo soon begun manufacturing polo shirts embroidered with their now famous crocodile logo across Europe and Northern America.

The popularity of the polo shirt – particularly in sports such as golf and tennis – grew at a phenomenal rate, and the shirt soon became an essential part of wardrobes across Britain. The styles, colours and materials used in production have diversified massively, and there are now a huge variety of designs available to the modern consumer.

This means that, however you decide to wear it, a polo shirt is an integral item of clothing which should always feature in your wardrobe. Investing in a couple of different varieties is essential, and with such a wide selection of choice, there’s now a polo shirt for every occasion.

From the polo shirt’s humble beginning as an item of clothing designed to satisfy the specific needs of a small group of professional tennis players, it has emerged as a contemporary fashion phenomenon. You will find most modern clothes manufacturers now design their own polo shirt range, so there’s plenty to choose from.


  1. Interesting post! I didn't realise that polo shirts had been around for as long as they had, it must have been uncomfortable for the tennis players xo


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  3. I used to wear Lacoste polo in my very early teens...

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